Wonderful kitchen backsplash ideas 14+

Wonderful kitchen backsplash ideas 14+

Inserting a kitchen backsplash is without a doubt one of the least expensive methods of replacing your kitchen. In addition, it is useful because it helps keep your wall dry and easy to wash. Historically, ceramic tiles have been used for backsplashes; Still, many different accessories are currently used in addition to kitchen baking. These embody: glass, metal, marble, wood and many different types of stone.


It is probably the most commonly used material for backsplashes in the kitchen. It is extremely robust and can work by any means. Ceramic tiles are easy to wash and are available on the market in lots of colors and textures. Only choose non-porous ceramic tiles, as porous or unglazed tiles are difficult to wash and can stain. There are lots of model and design choices out there with ceramic tiles, corresponding subway tiles and picture or wall tiles.

Subway tiles are currently in vogue in kitchens and bogs. They are rectangular ceramic tiles that are half as narrow as they are huge. Subway tiles give a clear, monochromatic look.

Paintings or murals are placed on the back behind a hob. Picture or mural tiles sometimes consist of ceramic tiles, but can also be found in different stores, corresponding to stone and marble. A picture or mural creates a phenomenal focus in a kitchen.


Glass plates are more and more fashionable because they are intended for an inexperienced, environmentally friendly selection; many glass plates are made from recycled materials and manufactured through low energy and low emission processes. Glass tiles are available in many sizes, from 1 ″ to small mosaic tiles. Glass plates are also available in many colors and can be clear or opaque. Go to showrooms for special tiles to see the most efficient collections of glass tiles.


Metallic tiles give a smooth and clean look. Some metallic plates can be found with a peel-and-stick choice. These are budget-friendly and easy to install by any homeowner. They adhere to a number of surfaces, along with plasterboard, plywood and ceramic tiles. Metallic plates are sometimes used in mixture with different variants of backsplash plates. Chrome-plated baking trays are normally scratch-resistant and easy to wash.


Marble is without a doubt one of the most expensive backsplash accessories. It normally starts at $ 50 per square foot (without the cost of installation). Marble is intended for its pure splendor and is available on the market in a number of colors and patterns.


Backsplash tiles made of wood are a completely new and modern backsplash choice. Flux Studios makes patterned wooden mosaics from durable and recycled wood, bamboo, teak and rosewood. They are handmade and reduced individually for each set.

Thermoplastic panels

Thermoplastic panels appear to be made of tin that can be reduced and easily inserted. They resist stains and can be easily attached to most surfaces, together with plasterboard, plywood or tile.

Extra Backsplash selection

Prepared for hanging, pre-assembled backsplash units (with film) are easy to insert and look great. The bridge makes a set designed to fit most 30 ″ and 36 ″ large stoves and hobs.

• LED panels are available from Eluma. The panels mix lighting in a back piece of tempered glass that emits sunlight from the panel.