Top 10 Kitchen utensils for wall

Top 10 Kitchen utensils for wall

A yummy food is only as good as the components you create it with and the same goes for your home; after all, the kitchen section containing only empty compartments plus a microwave will be useless to any wannabe cook. Bag these must-have cookware, stat, for an unparalleled cooking experience.

The whisk

The whisk is a must have cooking equipment for any inexperienced cook; suitable for whipping up sauces, desserts, whipping cream, mixing sauce and more, it’s likely to make (ha!) a fork-down mess every time.

The cheese grater

If you love good fresh cheese with your best potato, pasta or pizza dish (as well as beans on toast!) then you definitely need a cheese grater in your kitchen cupboard. Some cheese graters also provide individual blades for peeling oranges and citrus fruits, creating breadcrumbs, grating carrots and more. What versatile cooking equipment!

The one-handed colander

Stop dangerous occasions by holding down the lid of the pan firmly when trying to drain your pasta or rice; the one-handed colander is the cooking utensil to end all draining dilemmas.

The garlic press

When you like garlic food (we assume this only applies to non-vampires!) then a garlic press is a must. This brilliant kitchen tool squeezes all the delicious garlic juice from cloves, putting an end to garlicky fingers – but not, of course, garlicky breath.

The sideboard

The sideboard is among the most conventional and useful kitchen utensils; perfect for serving sauces, soups and many more, it’s simply the bad boy of the spoon world.

The spatula

Elegant to mix, distribute or raise food easily? That’s why we’re introducing the spatula, a basic necessity for every kitchen utensil drawer.

The rolling pin

You’ll never realize how difficult it is to create a pie crust until you try to make it without a rolling pin. The hopeful baker needs to get his (oven) mitts on this old kitchen utensil.

The mortar and pestle

If your meals need a blend of herbs and spices, you’ll need to do like the great chefs and secure yourself your own mortar and pestle. A handy addition to the kitchen utensil cabinet, it’s the best way to create your personal spices from scratch.

The vegetable peeler

The name says it all; the vegetable peeler is the cooking tool to put an end to spending hours chipping away potato skins with a dull butter knife.