Stunning landscape ceiling ideas for your living room

Stunning landscape ceiling ideas for your living room

Are you planning a new room? Before you make too many design or interior design decisions, think about the ceilings. Some options are:

1. Stretch fabric:

Stretch fabric ceilings give quite a dramatic effect and therefore tend to be reserved for large events. You can get very creative with ceilings made of stretch fabric. Possible uses can be everything from color, fabric type, using the ceiling as a projection screen and showing video or photos. Fabric can be installed in a variety of ways to give the room a three-dimensional effect.

2. Wooden beam:

Wooden ceiling beams can give any home or space a grand and rustic feel. Beams can be independent of the roof itself, hang a little below it, or they can be attached directly to it. Beams can be inclined at an angle or straight, they can be rectangular and smooth or they can look like incomplete logs. For a very attractive look, it is always nice to have dark beams in a white ceiling.

3. Oblique:

Sloped ceilings are often seen in attics or what they call “cathedral style” rooms. They are very attractive and give a room a very warm feeling, almost as if they hug the contents of the room and bring it all closer together, including the people in it. A disadvantage is that they make the room a little smaller. This is less of a problem when the ceilings are high, but when they are low, people can often hit their heads, can’t store as much stuff, etc.

4. Industrial:

It has been a bit of a hot trend for some time now to have industrial roofs in live/worked buildings. This is of course more so for properties such as lofts, warehouses, design firms and other edgy businesses. The whole idea of ‚Äč‚Äčindustrial ceilings is that everything is exposed, including pipes, fans, vents, even cables, depending on the owner’s style.