Charming diy garden design ideas for your backyard

Charming diy garden design ideas for your backyard

Figuring out how to design a garden can be tricky – after all, getting your garden design right, no matter how big your garden space, takes a lot of thought and care. Whether you want a simple tweak to include raised beds, or you want to know how to design your garden yourself on a budget, we can help you succeed in your landscaping project.

From decorative garden ideas and planting inspiration, to what to consider when hiring a professional, and the tools you’ll need if you’re going it alone, we’ve got all the knowledge you need to help you plan your backyard garden to perfection – whatever climate you’re working in with and whatever budget you have. All you need then is some of the best garden furniture to relax in…

The approach you take ultimately depends on what you want and need, within budget. We spoke to Mark Lane – Stannah’s (opens in new tab) Gardening Expert and BBC Gardener’s World (opens in new tab) presenter – about planning your garden design and how it can shape your garden ideas and the whole patio.

“There are thousands of images online that show different garden styles. Start collecting them and create a mood board. Sometimes it’s the smallest detail in a handmade doorknob that you like – the shape, the craft and/or the material can appeal.

Getting started on your garden design early in the year is critical if you want it to be ready for landscaping, planting and enjoying the warmer months. Depending on your climate, you may want to avoid working during the rainy season as well. “January, February and even March are the perfect times to sit down with a cup, a blank piece of paper or your laptop and put on a thinking cap. Sometimes paper cutouts in different shapes, representing a table and chairs or a shed , is moved around until you find the right balance,” adds Lane.

Designing a garden yourself is a satisfying, pocket-friendly option that allows you to get really creative. There are so many resources and even garden design apps to help you bring your outdoor space to life, whether you need ideas for a small vegetable patch, looking for a larger plot, for a patio or balcony garden.