Elegant table designs with gift for Christmas

As versatile as flowers are, it can be surprisingly difficult to come up with interesting ways to display them (read: not in a regular vase). Thankfully, with a little imagination, it turns out that there are many stylish alternatives to using a traditional vessel. Floral designer Anna Potter is an expert at stepping outside the basic vase. The founder of ... Read More »

Stunning 19+ Candle Decor Ideas For Christmas

  Be careful with burning candles, especially if you have children in the house – never leave a burning candle unattended. You can also use LED lights instead just to be safer. Don’t combine too many different scented candles in one room as it can be too overwhelming and some scents won’t mix well. While this list recommends certain scents ... Read More »

12 perfect ideas about woodturning

Like most things in woodworking, mastering the art of turning is about engaging in a process of consistent, productive challenges that end in a product you’re proud of, so don’t be too hard on yourself the first few times! Since your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with a lathe, we’ve narrowed down the best beginner ... Read More »

8 amazing woodturning designs for your living room

You’ve decided to try woodturning: you’ve bought a lathe, you’ve got the tools, there’s a good warehouse at arm’s length, and you’re ready to start spinning some wood. What will do? You can only make so many bowls. Are there any classic go-to projects that every woodturner should know how to do – either for themselves or for family and ... Read More »

11+ magnificant gold and navy Vintage designs

If you are an ocean or beach lover who loves the smell of the sea breeze and the warm feeling of sand being squeezed between your toes, it is a great idea to bring this wonderful feeling home by decorating your home with nautical home decor and accessories. Transforming your home into a relaxing nautical retreat is not that difficult. ... Read More »

Amazing sky ceiling ideas for your interiors

Lighting is a major necessity in homes, offices, apartments, hotels and other buildings. Choosing the right brand can sometimes be tricky and ultimately comes down to one’s preferences. But among the more famous brands, you can always choose between Artemide, Flos and Foscarini. Their showrooms extend to many countries, which shows the strength of their brands. Although it is more ... Read More »

Amazing diy wall ideas for your home

If you have bare walls in the house and you find it annoying, you can decorate the wall and add smart storage space by adding corner shelves. These are a great way to get the storage space you need. The corner is mostly considered dead space and often ends up empty. By adding corner shelves, you not only cover these ... Read More »

Soft and elegant vintage kitchen designs

The term vintage applies to any clothing item, accessory or interior design style that has taken influence from the style trends of previous generations. In this context, vintage is a broad term with an almost infinite number of possible origin stories for each individual item, specific to time period and style. A rustic filing cabinet that survived WW1? Vintage. An ... Read More »

Amazing solid wood table designs for your kitchen

As a home owner or renter, it is extremely important to purchase a dining area that gives the home a modern, elegant and classy feel. The distance and type of furniture in your home can change a person’s mood from happy to stressed. The importance of choosing a table that works best for you is important because you want to ... Read More »