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How to make your garden elegant with paths with pebbles

  Arrange them by hand around the plants and flowers. Distribute them evenly around larger surfaces. Try to balance the level of the rock garden as much as possible. You can probably eye level, but try going down to ground level to check it out. Be careful not to damage any plants or flowers in rock gardens. They should still ... Read More »

Stunning 19+ Candle Decor Ideas For Christmas

  Be careful with burning candles, especially if you have children in the house – never leave a burning candle unattended. You can also use LED lights instead just to be safer. Don’t combine too many different scented candles in one room as it can be too overwhelming and some scents won’t mix well. While this list recommends certain scents ... Read More »

12 magnificent Tradescantia nanouk that will shine your home

You’ve probably seen this trendy plant on your Instagram feed. Tradescantia Nanouk (Tradescantia albiflora ‘Nanouk’), also known as Fantasy Venice, is a special type of spider plant that has become a must for plant lovers. Pink, white, purple and green stripes pattern its lush leaves on upright stems. In the right conditions, it can grow as a tall trailing ivy, ... Read More »

12+ stunning African violets that will warm your heart

African violets are small houseplants that produce clusters of white, blue or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves. How to care for African violets in your home! About African violets As their name suggests, African violets are native to East Africa, originating from the tropical rainforests of Tanzania and Kenya. In 1892, German colonial officer Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire identified these ... Read More »

17+ amazing outdoor lighting fixtures that you will like

Outdoor light bulbs provide extra security and crucial visibility for those coming and going after dark while enhancing the look of the home’s exterior in the process. A surprisingly broad range of outdoor light bulb types are available, from high-efficiency LEDs to high-performance halogen floodlights that produce hues ranging from warm yellows to bright whites. There are even smart bulbs ... Read More »

15 stunning garden decor ideas that will warm your heart

Turn your backyard into a place where you can unwind, enjoy fresh air and have fun with friends and family. To create an inviting atmosphere, combine outdoor furniture, decor, landscaping and other elements that suit your style and needs. Try these ideas to transform your backyard into a relaxing outdoor oasis. Customize a deck or patio with weather-resistant textiles that ... Read More »

12 new model kitchen designs

Get to know your food, get to know your farmers and get to know your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of every house. There will never be a day in your life when you don’t have a reason to go into the kitchen. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where meals are ... Read More »

12 perfect ideas about woodturning

Like most things in woodworking, mastering the art of turning is about engaging in a process of consistent, productive challenges that end in a product you’re proud of, so don’t be too hard on yourself the first few times! Since your imagination is the only limit to what you can do with a lathe, we’ve narrowed down the best beginner ... Read More »

12 magnificant blue pergola designs for your garden

These free pergola plans will help you build that much-needed structure in your backyard to provide shade, cover your hot tub, or simply define an outdoor space into something special. You’ll find a wide variety of pergolas shapes and styles here as well as plans for both freestanding and deck pergolas. Building a pergola can be a simple to challenging ... Read More »

8 amazing woodturning designs for your living room

You’ve decided to try woodturning: you’ve bought a lathe, you’ve got the tools, there’s a good warehouse at arm’s length, and you’re ready to start spinning some wood. What will do? You can only make so many bowls. Are there any classic go-to projects that every woodturner should know how to do – either for themselves or for family and ... Read More »