22 creative vertical garden backyard ideas

22 creative vertical garden backyard ideas


22 creative vertical garden ideas

There is no more boring brick wall, it’s time to turn it into a beautiful place. Vertical gardens or living walls are the fantastic options we want to share today. The 22 creative vertical garden ideas make smart use of bare or unused outdoor spaces to create opportunities to grow and enjoy plants anywhere. From roof terraces to courtyards and stairwells to concrete jungles, green walls come alive and burst with the vibrant colors of succulents, ornamental grasses, shrubs, vines, ground covers and even fruit trees. Do not hesitate, check them out with us.

Living walls help you add resilience and set boundaries within a landscape. They offer privacy and shield unwanted views like your neighbor’s pile of rubbish on the side. While the term evokes images of the magnificent living tapestries that adorn public walls and buildings, vertical gardens include smaller residential versions, vines covered trellis, borders of shrubs or near planted trees and walls decorated with traditional and recycled containers. Everyone is gathered here to inspire you, let’s choose one that suits your space and enjoy your own green space!

Wall pockets

2 Succulent tapestries


3 Splendor in the Grasses

4 Forever Green

Terraced garden

Tropical Retreat

Sustainable Mountain Home

Greenwich Village High Rise

Madrid Mediterranean