17+ DIY Seashell Succulent Planting Ideas

17+ DIY Seashell Succulent Planting Ideas

If you have just returned from a sea voyage with many beautiful snails, but you have no ideas to work with them. You are in the right place to find answers, here are 1DIY seashell planters that you can make at home. They are not only perfect to place in your home but also great to give them as impressive gifts of this blue sea. These plantings become more beautiful and livelier when combined with sweet succulents.

These ideas are not only beautiful but so easy to make at home. Some are suitable for table top, others can hang on the wall or near your windowsill or porch. They will give your family an absolutely beautiful look that everyone will be amazed when they come to visit. Do you love these seashell planters? Take some one try and place them in your home for what beauties they can provide.

Air Plant Seashell Planter

2 Air Plant Seashell Plants to put on twig ladder

3 Mini Seashell Circle Garden

4 Colorful succulent seashell garden

Ocean Seashell Garden

Green succulents in Silver Seashell

Grow succulent in sand

Hanging on the wall

Cute and mini seashell planter

Large seashell hugs succulents