15+ stunning garden grill ideas for backyard

15+ stunning garden grill ideas for backyard

Hi, welcome to my article on what to look for when buying a garden grill. There are two main types of grill, the traditional charcoal grill and the increasingly popular status symbol “gas grill”. But let’s start with the format.

When choosing your barbecue, you should take into account where you live. For example, if it is the UK, the chances are high that it will only be used a few weeks a year (more would be good but it is English weather for you) so you really need the top of the range, where as in America or southern Europe it will be used much more often.

Charcoal grills are relatively inexpensive. The best units range from $ 250-400, and coal-gas combinations a little more. A base unit costs between $ 50 and $ 150. But the best advice I can give is not to buy too cheap, it’s really worth spending a little more to get something that lasts and is easier to use. For about $ 150, you can keep the average family happy for a long time.

Size and shape (ask the wife) The standard grill you see is round but you can also be square and rectangular. The round is better because it helps to circulate the air better. Size, this depends on how many people you expect to cook for. A minimum size that I would suggest for cooking is an area of ​​at least 400 square inches. Bigger in this case is usually better.

It is also important to think about storage and how portable it is. If you are buying a large grill, try buying one with a few wheels, this will make it so much easier to move. Storage is another matter, you have enough space to keep it protected from the weather and even thieves.

Minimum features that your charcoal grill should have:

Strong steel construction with a baked porcelain enamel finish. Heavy carbon grille. Deep, easy to remove ash catcher for easy cleaning. Adjustable height thick nickel or chrome-plated aluminum cooking grille, hinges for easy adding charcoal. Laptops should have a locking lid for transport safety.

Upgrade features:

Step-ups include shelves and heating racks, smoking capacity, work space, storage space, larger cooking grilles, rust-proof ash traps and porcelain enameled grill grilles. Advanced grilles are made of cast iron, porcelain-coated aluminum or even stainless steel. Gas-coal combination. Think carefully about these extras, you really need them.

What to look for when buying a gas grill?

You can buy cheap gas grills for $ 100 and go up to $ 10,000 for the gourmet or entertainer who wants all the details. To be honest, anything under $ 1500 is not worth it. The safety and overall build quality at this price is often not up to the mark. A good price point to aim for is $ 500- $ 800 at this price, you will get a very nice model with lots of premium features. The most popular models are under $ 300, but grills in the $ 400- $ 600 range increase in popularity, according to HPBA.

Minimum features that your gas grill should have:

Again, robust steel construction with a baked porcelain enamel finish.

Heavy nickel or chrome-plated aluminum cooking grill.

2 separate burners, with 2 separate controls for better heat control.

BTU: 20,000 for small, portable devices, 30,000-40,000 for a medium-sized model and 50,000-60,000 BTU for very large devices. But note, these are relative numbers. A well-designed grill uses fewer BTUs but is, for example, more efficient. In general, the larger the cooking area, the higher the BTU. But do not be tempted to pay for 100,000 BTU if you do not need them. More is seldom better, just a waste of gas.

Flare system for rapid burning or diverting drip. This increases the life of the cooking elements.

Upgrade features:

Step-ups include shelves and heating racks, folding work surface, enclosed storage spaces, large cooking areas with up to 6 burners, improved grill grids (as above), side burners for cooking sauces, rotisseries and infrared cooking options, smoke boxes or drawers and stainless steel construction. You have custom design and built-in options that include the use of natural gas, if you have it, for convenient grilling without refilling.