15+ DIY hanging decor ideas for your garden

15+ DIY hanging decor ideas for your garden

To make your house more perfect, in addition to decorating the interior, there is a need to make bland outdoor spaces more attractive. This list of fantastic outdoor hanging ideas are good recommendations that we collect here and want to share with you today. With these ideas, you can take advantage of your small spaces to create a beautiful oasis. That’s good, right? Whether it’s sounding wind chimes in the wind, or a green vegetable garden growing fresh herbs in a small area, or lighting up the garden with flashing lights at night, there’s something for everyone and every space.

These ideas add beauty to your outdoor spaces both in winter and summer. If you love to be creative, these things include both homemade and do-it-yourself items with recycled items, but also some simple things that you can probably pick up at a local store. A spectacular oasis to enjoy day in and day out, it has never been so easy! Check them out now!

hanging tin for DIY tin can


Turn an old tin can into a cute little bumblebee and hang it on a tree, porch or hook in your garden. This fun little project is also a great DIY for kids.

2 Hanging jar Budvaser

Like the light bulb idea above, these useless cans are ideal for becoming a hanging bud vase. Mason jars or old spice jars are ideal for a DIY decor idea that you will love. Hang with ribbon, yarn, rope or leather cord to make them look more.

3 Hanging painted deck planters

Do not throw old tires in the trash. Turn them into a sweet addition to any outdoor space by cutting and painting them rather than planting beautiful flowering plants in them.

4 Macrame Plant Hangers

Macrame is not just for interior decoration. These hanging plant holders are a great complement to any home or garden.

Sea Shell Wind Chime

If you want to take some of the sea home with you, why not turn these seashells into a rustic and beautiful windbreak? The gentle sounding of the shells against each other will help bring back memories from the time on the beach.

Hanging driftwood Sun Catcher Mobile

A simple piece of driftwood is transformed into a lovely garden decoration with the addition of pearls.

Mason Jar Wind Chime

It is another beautiful wind game for outdoor use. This cute mason jar windbreak made from an old mason jar and some glittering pearls and keys.

Flowing Ribbon Hoop Decor

This hanging bow resembles a wind chime has ribbons and cute little flower and ladybug accents. It is perfect to hang on a tree or porch railing.

Old-fashioned white bird cage in metal

Bird cages are perfect furnishings that fit into a garden theme. They are reminiscent of classic English rose gardens or the vintage garden style, but they can have any shape, texture or style to suit your personal taste.

Hanging wicker basket planter

Just a few wicker baskets that can be turned into any outdoor space. Mount these on a wall or the outside of your house and use it as shelves for your favorite potted plants or herb gardens.