15+ brick wall ideas for your house

15+ brick wall ideas for your house

Why would anyone want a brick wall in their home? There are many problems you can do to create a look that is hectic and interesting, and brick walls are one of them. Keep in mind that brick walls do not break or get holes in them as sheet metal can. Think about how robust they are. Decorating is easy, and your property can have a unique, stunning look that all your friends will envy.

Create any look, from modern to rustic

Brick is not only robust and robust, it is also fireproof, which is why many individuals want to apply it to the inside of their houses. Left its pure colors, bricks in brown and purple shades give a rustic touch to the interior. For many who like an extra fashionable, updated enchantment, bricks can be painted any shade you want – and you will even create patterns to add additional curiosity.

Portrait inside tile surfaces

If you want to paint previous bricks that have been in your house for several years, you get a completely new and completely different look. Just brush off the bricks with a stiff bristle brush to remove dust and dirt and then apply a primer. One of the best colors to use on bricks is latex and cement based paints. Avoid using epoxy, rubber and oil based paints that can emit fumes for a while.

For a very authentic look, create patterns while painting. For example, it is possible that you want to paint rectangles, squares or pyramid shapes when you walk, just by using a distinct shade that blends in with the rest of your interior.

Tile a part of your brick wall for an authentic look

You may really be able to use stone or mosaic tiles to spruce up simple brick walls! Apply them over the ceiling as you are going to a wallpaper edge for a certain look or tile the brick wall starts halfway up and continues to the ceiling. This helps to break up the stable appearance of the wall and add additional curiosity. If you have a hearth that is surrounded by bricks, consider including a wooden mantle above the hearth as the focus. The mantle is a great place to display household photographs, greenery and delicious scented candles!

Hanging wall decorations on brick walls

Many individuals should not have brick walls of their houses just because they assumed they might not be able to attach photos and various wall artwork. With bricks, you only use concrete screws and lead anchors to carry cabinets or other wall decor that can be heavy, reminiscent of massive work. You can just as easily discover picture hangers that are designed to be used in concrete and brick.

Brick walls can add a comfortable, old-fashioned attraction to the room or a colorful summary for people who prefer an extra fashionable enchantment. Considering that they end up indefinitely and do not need to be painted every few years as partitions of sheet metal, brick walls provide many amazing benefits to the interior of your property, in addition to the surface! For a unique completely different strategy than interior design, give brick walls a chance – you will be amazed at how beautiful it looks.