14 best DIY garden projects with plastic milk containers

14 best DIY garden projects with plastic milk containers

By recycling unused plastic milk containers, you avoid spending your money on buying pots or garden tools instead of throwing them away. You can use them to grow plants and protect the environment. It gets more interesting if you turn them into works of art, right? And here are the best DIY garden projects with plastic milk containers that are very practical for you!

Most of us can not deny the convenience of plastic utensils. But as you know, plastic waste is humanity’s biggest concern. By reusing plastic bottles and discarded plastic straws, you have contributed a lot to building a green life. Let’s explore them with us!

Make a vertical garden with a milk milk container

Cut off the plastic, leaving the base and handle on each milk container in place. Insert a few drainage holes in the base of each and fill the bases with soil / compost / pot mixture. Line rows of containers and stick a branch, cane or long wooden slat through the handles on each row. And now you have a small vertical garden like this!

2 String plastic milk containers on a wire to make hanging gardens

A similar idea! Remove all but the handles and bases of the plastic milk containers. Add drainage holes and fill them with plant medium. Then pull them along a wire to create a free hanging garden.

3 Thread them on a cane or branch for an indoor garden

This way you do not add any plants or pots that are too heavy, you can simply attach yarn or string to the ends of the cane or branch and hang this garden structure indoors.

4 Make a watering can with a spout

Instead of buying a watering can, you can use the plastic milk container as a rudimentary watering can. TO do this, cut off the top of your plastic milk container, including the top of the handle, then the handle becomes the spout.

Make a watering can with a spout

With seeds and seedlings often requires more gentle watering, so a watering can with a sprinkler head is necessary. Again, you do not have to go out and buy it, think of free plastic milk containers. Easy to make, simply take the lid on the container and make a series of small holes in the plastic with a strong needle or a needle drill.

Make a soil / compost bucket

This idea, you have a very practical bucket for use in your garden. You can use it to scoop up soil / compost / pot mix etc. To do this, cut off the bottom of your milk container at a diagonal angle and leave less plastic on the side of the handle. Keep the lid on.

Use plastic milk containers as small bells

Use them as practical watches to cover and protect young plants and seeds in your garden. Protect them from frost and other weather conditions early in the season, and also protect them from pests. Cut off the bases of your milk containers about 3-4 inches from the base. Remove the lids.

Create plastic necklaces to protect plants from pests

When your seedlings and young seedlings start to grow out of your milk containers, you can cut off the tops and leave only the middle part of each container left. This allows plants to grow through the center, but leaves a plastic collar that can give the plants protection from pests.

Use water-filled milk containers to hold down row guards etc

If you want to cover crops for any reason such as extra heat or pest protection. This is a simple, inexpensive way to ensure that these stay in place and will not blow away.