12+ stunning African violets that will warm your heart

12+ stunning African violets that will warm your heart

African violets are small houseplants that produce clusters of white, blue or purple flowers over fuzzy leaves. How to care for African violets in your home!

About African violets
As their name suggests, African violets are native to East Africa, originating from the tropical rainforests of Tanzania and Kenya. In 1892, German colonial officer Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire identified these plants and sent seeds back to Germany. The genus came to be known as Saintpaulia, although the plants have recently been recategorized into another genus, Streptocarpus. Despite their common name, they are not a type of violet, but they do produce vibrant, violet flowers. Read more about these delicious plants here!

African violets do best and produce the most blooms in bright, indirect light. Although they are generally easy to take care of, they can go through fiddly spells. Don’t be discouraged!

How to Plant African Violets
You can use a real African violet potting mix or an all-purpose potting soil, as long as it is well-draining. This is how you create your own mix.
Keep African violets planted in small pots and replant every few years to mix in fresh soil. Being a little pot-bound encourages African violets to flower more, so don’t be too quick to give them more space.
The soil should be loose and well-drained and a high content of organic matter is a plus. Learn about organic soil amendments.
When replanting African violets, do not plant them deeper than they were already planted and be careful not to bury the crown of the plant. African violet stems can be susceptible to rotting if kept too moist.

beautiful blue african violet isolated on white background

Sky blue saintpaulia african violet planted flower in pot from above. Symbol of unaffectedness and faithfulness.