12 perfect small kitchen design ideas

12 perfect small kitchen design ideas

Kitchen islands, dining tables and larger appliances may not be possible in your small kitchen design, but there are a number of good options that can give you a satisfactory result.

Tall pull-out pantries, carousels and tall integrated appliance housings are among a wide selection of kitchen components that can provide effective space-saving solutions for limited kitchen spaces.

Narrow kitchens that do not accommodate a double sided galley kitchen solution can be adapted by using smaller deep kitchen cabinets on one side and should your kitchen be placed at only one height, smaller width doors built into the design will give you more space while you work in the kitchen.

Avid cooks who use more fresh ingredients should consider maximizing their counter space while reducing their freezer space. An undercounter refrigerator with a smaller freezer compartment will meet your needs better in terms of creating more kitchen space if you are most happy to use fresh ingredients daily to put your culinary skills to the test. If, on the other hand, you’re the type whose skills lie more in placing frozen ready meals in the oven, then your needs can also be met in a small kitchen arena.

Mini or compact kitchens are available from a growing number of niche manufacturers and for some, like the rotating capsule kitchen, you don’t even need a wall for installation. Other examples are compact kitchen packages designed for placement at a single height.

Design solutions and examples of these are covered in the continuation post and this provides mini kitchen owners with a number of options and tips that suit your needs.

If you’ve been confused about where to start, what to choose, or how best to implement efficient design in a small kitchen, then you’ll be well served by taking some of these small kitchen ideas with you before you head to High St.