How to design a garden with colored rocks and water

Do you have a garden, a garden or simply a small porch with flowers? If you have, you really want to decorate it to be the most beautiful place, where you can enjoy daily. Every hostess and host always tries to improve the appearance of the home and the garden or yard. The yard and garden can be decorated in ... Read More »

How to design your garden with colored stones

Designing your own rock and gravel garden can be fun, challenging, and even therapeutic. It doesn’t take much to get started with your own DIY rock garden. 1. Decide what type of rock garden you want. Do you want your rock garden to be the main attraction of your garden? What about the size of stones? Do you envision large ... Read More »

How to build Charming and peaceful tiny cabin

Most log cabin companies charge several hundred thousand dollars to build a log home. A small one-bedroom log cabin with a fireplace often costs over $100,000, while an upscale log cabin can cost over $500,000. Even small, stick-built cabins can cost more than most average people want to pay. However, there is hope. If you’re not afraid to get a ... Read More »

Charming and peaceful water garden designs for your backyard

A water garden is an area of the landscape where water is used as a design element. Water gardens can be any size; however, it is important that the water garden is integrated into the larger landscape plan. Location of the water garden Have an overall plan and integrate the water garden into the existing landscape Use as an accent ... Read More »

How to design a charming spiral herb garden

If you like this particular design and want to learn how to make the curved wire baskets, see the end of this post for videos and wire basket suppliers for Gabion Herb Spirals. These are some basic instructions to make a gabion wall or visit BlondeMafia or Garden Drum. More instructional videos for gabions can be found here and here. ... Read More »

Charming diy garden design ideas for your backyard

Figuring out how to design a garden can be tricky – after all, getting your garden design right, no matter how big your garden space, takes a lot of thought and care. Whether you want a simple tweak to include raised beds, or you want to know how to design your garden yourself on a budget, we can help you ... Read More »

How to design your garden easily on a budget

Nowadays, growing vegetables, fruits, herbs or micro-greens at home is the latest trend loved by many. The simple reason is that they are organic vegetables, non-GMO food. So they are safe at every family meal. There are many benefits directly or indirectly with home-grown vegetables, so why not create your own fresh garden?  And here we are happy to share ... Read More »

Amazing heart shaped flowers and heart shaped plants

The bleeding heart is an erect, spring to early summer-blooming, herbaceous perennial that reaches a height and width of 2 to 3 feet. It grows in loose clumps or mounds and has delicate arching branches that are tipped with pink to white heart-shaped flowers. The green fern-like foliage is divided into 3 leaflets. By mid-summer, the leaves decline, turn yellow, ... Read More »